Greetings All,

Almost everyone has heard of PayPal and almost everyone uses it. This post will focus on How To Get PayPal Back After Suspensions.

The dreaded email has arrived and your PayPal account has been limited. Worse yet, they are asking for documents and paperwork and phone numbers that you no longer have access to. Maybe you used an online sms verification service and you no longer have access to that phone number. The answer is not in giving up, rather its in moving forward.

The time has come to dump that account and create a new one using a residential or 4g mobile ip address. Which one you choose is entirely up to you and should be based on which one makes you feel more comfortable.

There is a great selection of both residential land line proxies to be found here or if you are into 4g mobile proxies have a look here. The location and internet service provider are entirely your choice, so choose a location and isp that closely matches your jurisdiction.

Make sure that the address, phone number, and email account used for a new PayPal registration are all clean and never used before. You do not want to link any old account information with any new account information.

Cut your losses from any remaining funds in the old PayPal account and worry about that in 6 months when PayPal automatically releases those funds to you.

Now its time to go out there, create that new PayPal account, and get to work!